Friday, August 27, 2010

Math Blast

I was overjoyed when I realized I was able to answer the mind-twirling problems of our Math assignment. The five-paged activity our teacher gave looked too complicated on a glimpse but the numbers in the calculator shouted songs of victory as I slowly embossed the figures on my paper. As the cursor of my calculator blinked in silence, I saw myself being able to fight the weakness and apprehensions in my mind. I thanked God for making me somehow proud of myself even just for awhile.

Sad to say, however, I ended up copying the rest of the unanswered word problems from my classmates' works. They were too good for those Math complexities and I just cannot level myself to them. I think it is the only capacity my mind can have -- to remain on the easy level of Trigonometry -- and continue to enjoy the moments I have with the rest of my classmates who only depend on their colleagues for answers in our assignments. What a blast indeed! 

Headache plus pressure plus effort (in copying) equals...wala rah..char char ra gud!

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