Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You Ma'am

This is not inconsistency, when that is what you mean. I recently said that I hate balancing equations but that does not mean that I also hate the whole subject and the teacher (although I still favor it less). I did not say I hate the subject, did I?

Anyway, I began to realize how considerate our Chemistry teacher was when she still accepted my paper even if it was already so late when I passed it. She was already out of the classroom but I remained, hopeful that I can balance the equation that she has given us. Both close friends of mine have answered there problems but I have not made mine yet. My palms were sweating incessantly and good thing they helped me balance it. After long minutes of deliberating the equation, we got it balanced. But they said that our teacher is not going to accept it anymore. I was upset. However, as I entered into her office, I made alibis of not passing on time and surprisingly, she asked for my paper and checked the balancing. I was ecstatic when she kept it along with the rest of the papers clipped on her clear book.

I did not know she did that to me and not to the other students under her. Maybe, I one of her favorites. hmmmm...Maybe not. But for that matter, thank you ma'am. May you consider my late works over and over again.

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