Monday, August 23, 2010

I am shrinking!

Just this morning, I stood in front of the mirror and realized how horrid and how bland I looked. My skin and bones are already showing though I did not say I wasn't like that before. It only got worse now. 

It seems like I have been into so much activities recently but as what I can remember, there's nothing wrong with my schedule. In fact, it wasn't that hectic at all. But I do not know why I got so little in the past few days. Many of my friends are already reacting about the sudden decline of my physical posture and my family has also seconded the comment. My appetite was affected after I experienced three days of fever with coughs and colds that until now did not leave my body. I had intakes of various medicines, too, including lazy bed rests so perhaps my body was not able to maintain its supposed to be 'normal form'. 

I am very much disturbed on how my garments and my pants got loose, how my cheekbones got hollow, and how my torso got even smaller. My waistline dropped to 24 from 25. How sad! huhuhu:(

I am really shrinking. And maybe, one day, I will just wake up with nothing but literal skin and bones only. Kalansay effect


  1. rolz eat a lot of vegetables...
    huhu ngano ba nang lawasa oi..dili man jud na modako ba..hahah*(:

  2. ..lage ate cah..wla pud tawon ko kabalo...dili man unta niwang kaayo akong nanay ug na nuon ko sa akong manghud..:)


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