Friday, August 13, 2010


As I was editing a feature article about love (in which I am allergic to), I did not notice I was already typing this paragraph into the monitor.

"Remember, there is no point of loving someone who doesn’t love you.It’s just like catching your own shadow -- not only impossible but also makes you the most insane person in the planet. Fate has its ways around people; you might find another guy that’s better than him. And perhaps, he is not God’s will for you. You might have rushed the relationship or might have been blinded by his good and attractive characteristics but real love does not only end there. You have to know the whole personality of the person before completely committing yourself in."

It took me a few minutes to digest the whole thing and realize that I have been referring to myself when I made this. Indeed, there is no point of waiting for nothing and assuming that something's gonna happen. What I was trying to make happen is not God's will for me. That is why, perhaps, until now, there is no progress. At least, I have waited and although sometimes I become overwhelmed by my singleness since birth, it gave me all the reasons in the world to enjoy my status. I am willing to wait and I praise God for helping me do it.

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