Monday, August 23, 2010

Negligence on the loose

For the second time, I was absent in our P.E. class and I cannot figure out a way to calm myself from this negligent attitude that I have been showing. I am not supposed to be like this before since I still worry about my P.E. classes although I never had second thoughts of liking it. In fact, all my college life, I abhor this subject but because it is found in my prospectus, I have to face it and pass it to proceed. Fortunately, my two semesters of P.E. have been accomplished, awaiting for another two to be passed. But now that I am still in the second quarter of the first semester, I feel enormously irresponsible -- waking up late in the morning and preparing like there are still plenty of time running. I am always reprimanded by my father because of this behavior but it seemed like I did not take heed. Now, I am reaping the consequences.

I have been absent for two meetings already and funny how I cheated the secretary on the first absence, telling her that I was not able to see her in the open court so she was not able to check my attendance. I realized I must not do it again and stand to the truth that I really have to have a record of one absence in the attendance sheet. The sad fact is that I am not a good dancer and these partner dances that they have been requiring us to learn just got harder and harder every time.

Poor me. I do not know why or what happened to me. I do not know why I have been acting like this. My whole life, I have never been as negligent as this. I need a transformation but I do not know how. My responsibilities in TN were also put aside because of this developed attitude in me. I did not know when this started but I have to take responsibility for this action and make sure that this is not going to happen again if I still want good and desirable grades and performances.


  1. ..nitukar na pud akong blog...huhuhu

  2. yes! mas daghan siya'g absent nako!! hihi:))

  3. ..bad kaayo ka ha...pasalamat ka buotan rako and i do not continue my bad habits...hehehe...sagdi laman..di na to mausob


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