Friday, July 2, 2010

We Are Just Desperate

August is fast approaching and until now, the publication is still looking for writers, photographers, and cartoonists -- with high regards to the writers, for that matter. The office has been relinquished by one of the bests and that included our recent editor in chief who played a great part indeed in the realization of my dream. There were also computer wizards who graduated and got another life outside college. There were editors who have to bid farewell to their alma matter and at the same time to their respective offices in the publication since they are now graduates. They don't want to leave, I suppose, but I know that they don't also want to overstay in the university. May God bless them.

Anyway, with the continuous decline of the number of staffers and writers, The NORSUnian has finally decided to cross the borders. We did not only limit ourselves in advertisements through posters and Facebook tags but we also erected a site for public awareness that was suggested by one of the members of the staff and fortunately, heeded. The idea seemed to work since there were lots of the students who said that they have been looking for the publication but was not able to see it. The number of applicants has also increased. Congratulations!

Every applicant deserves a slot in the publication but sad to say, only ten writers are to be hired together with one artist and a photographer. Aja to them all. LOLZ!

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