Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Episode 2

Beware! The things that you will read in the next few paragraphs might bore you to death and I am asking for an advance apology.

Blank. My hands and my mind are working harmoniously and actively at this moment to create a post in this blog but it seems that at this time also have I not experienced something that's worth blogging for. My memory box is empty and I don't have the stimuli to make a fiction story. I also had enough of the Matt Evans thingy so I really can't have a productive post today. Sorry!

Spilling the beans. The guards are on the loose again. I just spotted the tall, dark, and paranormal scarface recently this afternoon roaming around the campus in a seemingly authoritative disposition. I believe many students hate, dread, or even fear him but as for me, I don't have anything to worry about when I meet him in foyers or alleys. He's nothing but a security guard, tasked and paid to protect the welfare of the university. He's not here to threaten or to physically hurt the students. Oh come on! I know there are so many students in the university that's more intelligent than him and therefore he has to be aware of that. He would be in great shame if he will come to a point of messing up with the wrong students. Watch out!

I understand that it is part of his job to inspect the identification cards of the students and the faculty but I hope he won't go beyond that. He must not overuse his power in implementing acts that's not even favorable to the studentry. For goodness sake! Is he even aware that he has been back stabbed every now and then by tactless studs? He has to. He really has to for there are lots of 'em whose burning desire to dispatch him intensifies from time to time. Goolak!

Tired. And therefore, I am tired. I am tired of your absence. I am tired of your presence. I am tired of your smiles. I am tired seeing your eyes. I am tired of expecting. I am tired of waiting. I am tired of this walei feeling that's not supposed to be here. You're so lucky I am obsessed with you. Now, I am having a hard time eliminating it. I am tired. I am tired of you. Giatay! I never expected it to be like this. Uber nah. urghhh! Go home, katulog sa imung banga ug ayaw na pakita nako. I am tired, DARN YOU.

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  1. ..why can't this post be seen in my blog? why oh why? i am having a hard time already, for goodness' sake...tsk3..i hope i can figure this out..


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