Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

Book fair. That was nearing perfection. The ambiance of the place plus the scent of the yellowish pages of the books. The rows of hard and soft bound copies of novels and documentaries. The clickety-clack sound of the machine as an automatic queue form with bills and coins clasped in their hands. The serious faces of the rest of the book lovers hooked to the breathtaking plots printed at each last page. Who could ever forget that lovely sight?

Because of that stroll initiated by one of my book loving friend, I was able to buy two hard-bound books worth ten pesos each. Yes! Ten pesos only. Infairness to the mall. :)

The Proposal.
How many of you have seen this movie? As for me, the first moment I watched this movie starred by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was way back last night. I was supposed to study my lessons for Ed 3 but since I obviously prioritized the movie confident that the exam would still be on the next day, I am now feeling inactive, physically and mentally. The movie was super nice with all the hilarity of the casts as well as the heart warming love story between the two main characters. It was about a deal made by Margaret (editor in chief of a famed New York company)and Andrew (her assistant)to be married for the sake of saving Marg's hanging chance of being deported of the country. The deal was agreed and both went to Alaska, Andrew's place, for the weekend. There will be discoveries about the real Andrew Paxton and their secrets will not be secrets anymore. You'll absolutely have bunches of laughs when you see the movie. As in! hehehe..

Exam. Not so prepared fpr an examination in Chemistry. Come what may :(

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  1. ive watched it like for so many times. ga movie marathon bya ko ug mga love story bisan kita nako. whahaha. waley ang HBO ug STAR MOVIES kay permi balik2x ug saleda. anyways, basun in.ana pod imo story puhon aniwang...hehehe...


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