Thursday, July 22, 2010

Running Flat

It would be one of the nights that I will never forget.

Tuesday nights aren't just too comfortable for me since I have to attend the weekly meeting in TN and at the same time study the lessons for the next day. Tatay and I would trek the vastness of the road and the silent night becomes our companion. Accidents are always lurking around and every time the brakes screech into the asphalted road, I know something's wrong.

We killed a white cat who came out of the bulrushes and rushed to the highway. We were almost hit by a van with a driver who did not even bother look at his rear mirror. We were very wet when a heavy downpour of rain caught us. We were almost blinded by the irritating high lights of the motorists. We almost lost balance when an overtaking motorcycle hit us. And recently, the back tire of the vehicle gave up. No one to help us in the middle of the night, no one whom we can ask for help. No one but me and Tatay on that lonely thoroughfare.

As I tried to calculate the remaining distance before we can reach home, I was disturbed. We still have to travel more than seven kilometers before we can finally say we're safe.

I believe Tatay was hesitant to continue with the drive but he did. "Ging, hinay hinay na lang gyud ta ani. Wa natay mahimu. Maulanan pa unya ta." I heaved a deep sigh and asked him in a whisper, "Ok ra ba? Mubuto n'ya ang interior ana." I tried to be as concerned as possible when  in fact I am more worried about the present plight of my father. If only I asked to leave the meeting earlier, this would've not happened. I was in deep resentment that I still have to include Tatay in whatever vain fave I am in. It wasn't vain actually. It was just of less importance. Sigh!

And yes! Indeed, we were running flat. I pity the motorcycle and I pity Tatay. I hate myself. I hate myself for being inconsiderate. I hate myself for putting Tatay into this kind of predicament. But then, he started to whistle a familiar song and the once silent road with two commoners in distress became a jovial one. The stars are back in the sky yet the cold breeze of the Tuesday winds did not cease to blow.

Though the trip back home was set in a slow and bumpy motion, I thanked God we arrived home safe. I thanked God for giving me a Tatay who, despite the predicament, still managed to hum a song. And I thanked Nanay who stayed awake until 11:30 p.m. just to wait for the arrival of her beloved husband and daughter. 

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  1. makahilak pod ko aning imong gpost oi. anyways one thing i can say, God provides aniwang no matter what! God bless you aniwang and your tatay too!


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