Friday, July 2, 2010

In the Name of Prerequisite

How inclined are you to music? How important is music to you? Do you love to take music classes, read notes, sing in front of forty or more students ? In my case, I have to grasp the fact that I am taking a music class in the name of Humanities 111. It is not easy to read notes, I tell you. It is not easy to memorize the so-fa syllables especially when the scale has a flat or a sharp in it. It is more difficult to imagine that I am one of the assigned students to teach the rest of our classmates regarding the reading of notes in a scale, without writing the names of the notes on the song paper.

I don't have enough of the capacity to read notes and identify them that swiftly since it is never my expertise. You can let me write a novel without murmuring than to teach two students at the same time about how to recite and know notes properly. I think I have to equip myself more of the music terms and I have to ask my mother, who is wonderfully a piano player and teacher, to teach me more about the strategies on how to read notes without confusion and with ease.

May God bless me in this challenge.

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