Friday, July 23, 2010



I mean it when I say I hate acquaintance parties. I hate how everyone try their best to be the most gorgeous person for the night when in fact there are lots of them who share the spotlight. I hate how people require us to wear something that isn't our fashion statement. I hate how they look at others and begin laughing at them when they see something that is not pleasing to their eyes. I hate the whole thing and I am sorry for that.

Perhaps, that is why he called me KJ. That stands for kill joy. I exited out of the venue right before they could start the second part of the program, that's right after I have finished my dinner with two of my other KJ friends, hopeful that I can catch the last ride home. But I did not...and I am thankful for being stuck in the TN office which made me enjoy the benefit of Facebook and Blogspot. These have been like extra rice and chicken laid on my plate. Still, I am KJ and I admit that. Is that a bad thing?

However, KJ did not only stand for Kill Joy. It also meant KILIG JUD. This year's acquaintance was not as bad as I thought. Maybe those three red roses did the magic. Before I could finish the salad that I was religiously concentrating on, guys from a nearby table began standing and approached some girls in the neighboring tables (with matching romantic background music). I was blank when a bouquet was handed to me.  I tried to ask the guy in front of me if it is an advance gift for the Valentines Day but I know he did not hear me when I asked that. He was too shy to stay longer and I have seen that in his eyes. Anyhow, I am still thankful for that person who remembered to share something to me. I will never forget him...for he is the first man, in my entire life, to give three roses (louya ka mingaw akong lovelife). Thank you so much.

And the general feeling is.....


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