Tuesday, July 13, 2010


July 12, 2010. It was terribly a dreadful day for you. Though you saw Matt Evans' smile again and had fun singing the so-fa syllables of Lupang Hinirang in the Humanities class, your day was still clouded with embarrassment and remorse.

Disrespectful. You were trying to get out of the jeepney as fast as you can but the moment you were about to near the exit, an old man, not even classified an authentic Filipino, began to push you on the side and uttered a stern remark. "You better respect the elder." Then he got out.

You tried to tell yourself that it was his fault. He was just a foreigner -- an old, senile, incompetent man who came to the Philippines to seek for someone to take care of him and he has no right to be rude in a place where he doesn't even belong. But he also sounded right when he said that you have to give way to the elder. All you have now is the wish that he did not push you that hard.

Late Comer. That morning, you thought the jeepney where you have rode will bring you to school in time. However, the whole thing came into a halt and began to run in turtle-pace. At one minute, you thought you would die because of the speed but the next minute, you thought of pushing the jeep just to make it faster. The result? Late in the first period class in the morning.

Talkative. You almost melted when the teacher got your attention. Who would not be disturbed by a girl whose body is in the classroom but the ears and the eyes are on a friend outside. Palibhasa, inuna pa 'yong kaibigan sa labas kesa sa lesson ni ma'am. Ayan tuloy, napahiya.

Butol, Bobo, Brain blast!. You hate Math and you never attempted to make ways to love it. Your teacher was as boring as could be and your eyes began to close. You wanted to sleep but you have reservations. Good job!

Clumsy. Of all the things that you hate, why this? In every way, you are so prone to accidents that even your friends laugh at your clumsiness. After tripping in that rail and being laughed at by Criminology studes, you realized how important it is to look at where you're going.

Mad. You wanted to rest and get out of all the misfortunes for the day but the moment you sat in front of the monitor to edit an article, your seatmate began to taunt you. You got angry of course and a topic which was supposed to be opened was officially closed.

Bad hair day!

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