Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Energy Drink?

I had a rather empty stomach feel than an energized body. This product seems fake and unsatisfying. The oats did not feel like real oats in my palate and the choco drink did not even have a punch.

Everyday, I go to school with only three or four spoons of rice and a half slice of either a fish or a piece of hot dog or a portion of a sunny-side-up egg or a bit of pork. With a body that I have, eating this much doesn't give me a sense of energy and alertness. Tatay then tried to buy something which can at least fill my stomach when I my biological clock begins to knock. But when I indeed opened a sachet of Energen and poured it in a cup of hot water, the stench of a cocoa something welcomed my nasal tracts. I assumed it's part of the uniqueness of the product so I took it for granted. It doesn't smell irritating or distasteful anyway so I continued my sip. As my tongue began to feel the "oats", it melted like a piece of bread crumb. The pulpy-like, bland-like, 'oaty' feeling wasn't there. Too bad. I wasn't satisfied but at least my tummy was filled with something less junk for a drink.

I am not discouraging anyone to try the product. I am not also promoting the product by posting the picture in this blog. But one thing is for sure. I don't like it. I still love Quaker Oats :)


  1. i will comment on my own post for poor me, nobody seems to give a 'care' to this posts...huhuhu..anyway, at least, I love myself...witwiw to me..<3

  2. ...these posts diay...dili this posts..hahah...pagka sayup

  3. haha.. ok rwah nah dhai... krcver rwah k.. dghan btaw mocomment xah aq.. d pd q kxabot.. ahahhha

  4. @ rol'z: I will be the fourth. To contrast, I love this energy drink - for the fact that it contains cocoa. Still I love your posts.


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