Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Quiet A Professional (for me)

It has been discussed in my Education 4 subject that for a person to be a professional teacher, he must not only have to possess moral values and integrity to himself and that inner passion for the job but also must finish a bachelor's degree, have a continuing education, take and pass the Teacher's Board Examination, and comply the requirements of the board.

Indeed, for a teacher like her, who did not only have a master's degree but also had a doctoral degree and became a principal in two elementary schools and a high school, who would not say that she is a professional and a teacher by heart.

However, the issue is not about her. It's about her topic on Teacher as a Professional and another major professor who scolded us because we were alleged to not know how to spell when in fact the defect is in her. Who would not ask for the spelling clarification of a word that cannot even jive with the rest of the words in a sentence to form a complete thought? And the featured word was "pass". The phrase was "to connect in the pass environment". It sounds awkward, right? She repeated the sentence and I inspected the way she pronounced it. "Pass" indeed. Then she wrote the word on the white board after she heard incessant commotions from the rest of the class. "Past". Another series of "ahhhs" and "ayyys". Suddenly, she pointed at us and began to scream, "You are going to be future teachers and until now you don't know how to spell simple words?"

Wow! She's outrageous. She was blushing in anger. But the fault is all hers. In the first place, she doesn't know the correct pronunciation of the word. In fact, it is only one of the many words that she murdered when she begins to speak in front of us. Since she has been doing it every time we meet, our audition has got used to it.

Unfortunately, she has been considered as one of the important people in NORSU and I say she teaches in mediocrity -- nothing interesting with her soft voice and redundant lessons at all. She is the head of the practice teaching department and what she can attain is that kind of pronunciation in front of her class. Words with [e] vowels become [i] when pronounced and vice versa. [P] becomes [f] and vice versa, [b] becomes [v] and vice versa, and the rest of the words are just spoken weirdly that we cannot even understand sometimes what she's completely talking about.

Sad to say, she is a Doctor of Education and the only thing she can do to cover her constant mistake is to blame the students for it.


  1. tama jud dhai..hehe..sayang lage iyang attainments..


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