Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

True! True! True!

Life is not perfect when you cannot throw a wonderful smile to a friend or to an acquaintance per day. As what I have heard from elders, it is better to smile for only a smaller portion of your muscles are used unlike when you frown which stresses a bigger percent of your muscles. In short, you're ugly when you frown. (far out ba? tinuod pud...hehe)

So for me to avoid more of the curse of ugliness, I have to smile everyday not only because it is a necessity to have a healthier life but also because I know I can squeeze delights out of everyday situations or circumstances. Life is as precious and as beautiful as that.

People might sometimes undervalue the essence of laughter with their friends and family but the knot that has been tied stronger between those relationships is immeasurable.

Laughter can be pixie dusts that can turn blue days into magical moments. Laughter can be the instrument for two hearts to be intertwined. Laughter can be the most valued remembrance a friend can give to his best pal. "A ROFLOL a day keeps the doctor away."

Give your best laugh today and give a better one tomorrow.

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