Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guitar Craze

I am beginning to love guitar now. That includes music, of course. That was what I realized when I observed my classmate in P.E. play the stringed instrument with grace and beauty. I love looking at her especially the way she quickly transposes her fingers from one note to another. What a beauty indeed! I would really aspire for the knowledge of musical instruments and since guitar is the most available instrument I have at home, except for piano and flute that I find quiet difficult, I have to make use of my extra time strumming the four-stringed chords of the guitar.

I tried to borrow several guitars from my classmates and my fingers began to ail. Until now, I can still feel the mixture of itch and sting that it has brought me but as what I've said earlier, I will try to practice and not forget to love guitar.:)

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