Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Fun!

I want to curse but because I am not a scornful person, I will then keep this as one of my hatest thing in the world without being outrageous.

What I am fearing from the beginning of my entrance to this university until the present has finally come. I hate dancing and those people close to me know how awful I am when it comes to dancing. I am a very mobile person but I just don't know how awkward I look like when I start doing moves that interpret dancing. Now that it is the main lesson in our Physical Education class, I have hated the subject all the more. The teachers are alright and my partner for the first presentation seems kind and domestic with his glasses on but the fact that we will be dancing in front of bystanders and passers-by in the open court, it would be a great shame in my part (imagine a walking stick dancing jazz and samba..goodness gracious). Good thing I have this close friend of mine who considers dancing as her forte so I believe I have to humbly ask her to teach me.

Although I want to quit in my Physical Education class (if only I can without affecting my grade, I would really do it) I also have to prove to myself and to the whole world that I have survived P.E. 121 just like them. Aja to me!

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