Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's Talk Liquid

In a weather where umbrella and rain coats are necessities, people begin doing things that seem embarrassing at times but for the sake of keeping themselves descent and presentable even in the heavy downpour of rain, they do not think of it as too much or embarrassing at all.

Thursday. It's my time to attend my major subject with my usual TTh attire -- a pencil, ash blue blouse, stockings and high-heeled shoes with a shoulder bag and a shoe bag. Before I left home, I have already thought that it would rain but still, I made an optimistic remark that it wouldn't. My apprehension was a total ruin when a heavy downpour tapped the roof of the jeepney that I was on, a few kilometers away from home already. What a start for a good Thursday!

Anyways, when I arrived at the terminal, it did not cease yet continued to bring havoc to my pretty attire. I began to murmur unnecessary complaints. Good thing there was still this old man grappling an umbrella in his hand as well as calling passengers to the nearby tricycles. I was hesitant at first to show gestures that I needed shade but when I realized I am almost late for an exam, I peeped at the entrance of the jeepney and lucky me for he has seen my radiance. (Tweng!) Although my stockings and my shoes began to be filled with water, my head and my whole image wasn't so ruined yet.

Unfortunately, it was never in the rain's plan to stop so I have to go down of the tricycle and catch a portion of wetness and adventure under the heavenly liquid. I befriended another student who was dearly kind to me since she offered her umbrella up to the area where my classroom is located. Wow! I was so grateful for that act of kindness. Thank you, I said. I am hoping to see her again soon.

I might have been all soaked up because of that surprising outpouring of heaven's wrath yet at least, I have found a one-time friend who suffered with me under the rain.

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