Friday, January 14, 2011

The First Major Frustration For the Year 2011

The bottomline: I will never have a neat grade for Field Study 3.

I do not want to blame anyone for what happened but myself for procrastinating and for not arranging my schedule properly but I also wanted her to get most of the blame for acting so inconsiderate and inconsistent.

This might sound so wrong. This might not be right thing to do. But please let me spill the ink and embose my frustrations.

* She gave us instructions on the first meeting. On the second meeting, she changed the course of instructions. And on the third, she changed it again.

* She let us pass the four episodes while the other classes she handled were only told to submit three episodes. Everyone was so surprised about what she said especially those who were not able to answer anything on their photocopy. So unfair, as to how I see it.

* At that moment, I don't know what to do -- to pass the fourth episode even without answers or not pass at all. My decision came the moment she called my surname. I brought the four separate sheets and laid them carefully in front of her.

* She inspected the papers and I am 86% certain that the first paper she picked was mine. Very clean. No answers at all. Then, she checked another paper and found out the same thing. I am doomed. Almost all of us are for not making the fourth episode.

* She told her other classes to pass their fourth episode next week, giving way for revisions, but she did not do it to our class. She collected the four and did not listen to our justifications. We plead but she remained emotionless.

* She will not change her mind on that Teaching Aids Bank, I know. She is a monster. grrr!

I won't definitely have a good grade for FS 3 and it has affected my whole system. No more chance for mongrels like us. *cross fingers.*

Marami kaming hindi nakapasa. It might ease the pain but the fact na hindi na kami makakagawa ng Teaching Aids Bank dahil hindi namin nasagutan ang episode 4 would be enough to make me super frustrated even until the Midterm Exams. Pa'no ba 'to? *heave a deep, deep sigh*


  1. rolinda: frustrations are there. it's always laid in our hands but one thing to be sure of is to follow these simple steps. Patience, Courage and Hope. Never loose hope. hehe! (nakainom man jud ko ani... mugawas akong English) miss yah!

  2. thank you so much momi bea....i am starting to get used to it...i miss you too :D


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