Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Thoughts Parts 6

I have a new pet in my blog. After trying to enhance my other blogging world, which I failed to do so because of boredom and slow progress, I found this new offer in Abowman. It's a dog. Though not that cute, kasi mukha pa ring askal, I adopted one and placed it in my page. He seems boring, too, but at least I have added a gadget and I can take care of another pet.

Uncle Kracker's songs are great. Whether this refers to a band, a group, or a single singer, I like its/their/his songs, especially "Smile." I might sound primitive because it has been very recent when it was introduced to me but at least I was able to hear those kind of music.

Double Dose! I had two sets of exams this afternoon and both made me...uhm...nothing. It was confusing but I was used to taking those kind of exams. I did not study one of them but I still had answers. The other one need not to be studied since it is more on applications but too much confidence on the exam would sometimes drive you nuts. Anyhow, it's all over. Wait 'til the results come.

Aside from that, I saw two of my dear crushness twice this afternoon. Two times two equals four.  :0) It's very much enough to complete my day.

Hopeful, I am. After finding out that the P.E. fun day was actually scheduled on the second week of February instead of the first, I found a chance to join the anticipated National Campus Journalism Conference. Oh February, please be here as fast as you can. I just hope I won't have exams or special activities during those three days that I will be absent.

More surprises.  Not too surprising though, but the fact that it made me give a wide grin, then it is still surprising. Cheeno ha! Amazing ka talaga mang shock. Godspeed on that new endeavor of yours. Or perhaps let's say, Miss Complicated. Witwiw!

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