Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Patching (Then and Now)

Materials needed: paper and glue
Assistance badly needed!

I have been a member in campus journalism since I was in elementary and there are always problems regarding the school paper. It's quite inevitable.

At present, everyone is busy covering the mistake of our banner story. Two errors, unfortunately, shocked the administration -- wrong spelling and wrong placement of the comma. How disturbing for a university like this one. We admit our mistake and clumsiness. We admit we were not able to make a religious proofreading to the dummy. We were already called by the Vice-President, scolded, or much more of a reprimand, and then was given the chance to correct the mistake that has been done.

Instead of stopping the circulation of the remaining papers, the best option we've got is to print strips of papers with the correct headline in it so that nothing will go to waste. This why every body is either holding a pair of scissors, glue, a strip of paper, or a copy of the latest The NORSUnian paper.

This isn't a surprising sight though. As a matter of fact, a very similar situation happened when I was still in high school. Our school organ was still The Horn that time where I was the editor in chief. I was the one pressured too much by the adviser, which I know is normal. We release one issue once in a year only though we were dubbed to make four in a school year. The satisfaction of finally having an issue produced was put to an end when we discovered that something is wrong with the banner story. The headline was also wrong. It was supposed to be like this and not like that. I got all the scolds from the teacher and all I did was nod and say "Yes sir!" I called all the 'staffers' and requested for their help.

We spent three days patching small strips on the 3,000 copies of the paper since we still have to attend to our classes.

I just hope this is not going to happen again. One mistake in high school and another one in college would, I think, be enough for us to learn our lessons.


  1. hahha !! mao jud! i remember how busy all of you were back then ahha rooolyn!

  2. all of you back then .

    delete :were:



  3. i think mistake is inevitable ang theres nothing wrong about it. Good thing is theres always a way to correct our mistake. Godbless ^_^

  4. @karene: hehe...tama jud uie..hugaw pa jud pagkataklap...hehe

    @kikilabotz: that is very true :D thanks ♥


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