Friday, January 28, 2011

Late December

It has been almost three days already since this rain and cold weather arrived. When are you going home?

The winds are blowing incessantly. Good thing, the breeze did not continue to spoil the afternoon delights of the students in this university. Many are still wrapped with long-sleeved garments, jackets, and sweaters but at least there was no rain anymore. Good thing the pathways are starting to dry up.

I miss Mr. Sun. I know he'll be here soon. But what worries me is that perhaps, it would take time before he's going to come back. Mr. Rain seems very busy yet dropping his tears and causing walkways to flood. I cannot ask him to leave because he might cry more and the streets would bath in liquid. When that happens, the waters would be hesitant to subside or not. What a great mess it would bring, honestly.

It's alright to have a cold weather because we can hate taking a bath in the morning after realizing that the water is icy cold. We can have alibis on why we did not wear our complete uniform. "Ma'am, wala nimala." We can feel sleepy inside the classroom not because the teacher is boring but because the soothing breeze outside is starting to blow its drowsy charm on us. We can stay in bed the whole day and hide under those fluffy blankets. "Kapuy bangon ma!" We can enjoy Mama's hot soup very much especially when paired with something crunchy and sweet to chew.

Maybe it's just right to have a late December. There's no big deal anyway, especially when you are enjoying it. :D

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