Friday, January 21, 2011

My Duplicates

They are as pretty as me. They are as witty as me. They are as 'big' as me. They are as perseverant in their studies as me. They are as talented as me.  They are as moody as me. They are as kulit as me. They are me.

Tej, Maypaz (3rd), and Everon (2nd)
With an age gap of two years, I don't have to deny the fact that they act more mature than me and they are more responsible than me. I am sometimes the one reprimanded by them and they sometimes do the things that I am supposed to do. Well, I am still older so I can ask and sometimes threaten them to do something for me, like ironing and washing some of my clothes and buying goodies from a nearby sari-sari store, which I know is wrong. (Now, I am trying to remove this kind of approach towards them because they might find a way to retaliate and that will be very offending in my part).

Sometimes, I miss being the younger sister and enjoy the things and even the guidance of my ate. I have never done that before. But that's another story. :0)

Anyhow, these duplicates of mine never miss to make me laugh when I am at home. They would make conversations about their experiences in school that day and how foolish one of their teachers would act. They would imitate the way she speaks, moves, and reacts and they are really having a good time making that in front of me. I am like their person diary. I tell them to keep quiet because they are disturbing my study time. They stop. But then, they will make another topic and another series of laughs. I cannot help myself but guffaw with them for they are really very good in making criticisms with their teacher/s, especially when they act them out. And the chat begins. I share them my secrets, too, my past experiences in high school which had a relation to what they are feeling or experiencing, and how my day went in school.

It would take us lots of minutes chatting nonsense and we enjoy it with either a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Then we realize it is already late in the evening and we have to shift our attention to what we are studying or else we will never have something for school the next day.

I always feel happy when somebody sees us and tells us that we really look the same -- the way we smile, the way we talk. I treasure and love them a lot, including my little brother, of course. They inspire me to move on and accept the criticisms of the world since they, too, are experiencing such. And when those times strike them like lightning, I want to be by their side and make them laugh, just like the way they do to me though they are not aware that they are already doing such.

Sooner or later, we will grow old, have careers and families of our own and even have separate fates. A time would really come that I will miss everything about them, including their scent, their laughs, and their shadows. This time, however, since we are still young and still living in one roof, I know I have to make every second count -- those seconds I am with them. :0)

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