Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sense of Bliss

I don't know how to assess my preparedness for this midterm examination but I can really say that I haven't put my best foot forward in studying the lessons that are supposed to be religiously spent time with. I always wanted to be ready, calm, and optimistic in what's gonna happen during the exam and that is what I am doing right now. I don't necessarily have to soak my brain with terms that hardly gets into my mind and formulas and equations that did not even make me a better person. 

This performance is for the sake of having a grade, for the sake of having something neat to show to my parents, and for the sake of schooling. If I am going to have my job, God willing, which would somehow be three years from now, I would look back to these moments where my brain seemed to burst with terms that are required to be contained in my limited-spaced cerebellum. 

No more pressures. I just wanted to pass and be contented with my answers. I don't have to bother thinking about those items that I missed to answer or have wrongly answered because it would just make me hysterical. I can't do anything anymore to undo what has been done so all I have to say in the end is "Godspeed."

More midterms and finals are yet to come and I have to do the best that I can on not to do these lapses I have done at present. I have to enjoy every moment, every person I get to smile with in the walkways and foyers, and the equivalent challenge these mind-throbbing questionnaires pelt on me. I know these will all be over soon. I just don't know when but I know it will. There would just come a time that I will be the one making the test papers and checking the work of whoever will take that exam. I am looking forward to that.

This time, I have to use my initiative, focus, but never be pressured. And most of all, never cheat. Except Math, perhaps! :0)

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