Thursday, January 27, 2011

Her Cold Heart Has Melted

Is it a good thing? Yes indeed! Who would not be in cloud nine with the reconsideration she made to the whole class. She has made us a very great favor and a second chance to enhance our fourth episode. Though it meant sacrificing a big amount to buy so many materials for the visual aids making, it's alright. Though it meant not going with the gang to Talisay City for the three-day campus journalism conference (since February 3 is my dear schedule for passing the Teaching Aids Bank and that is also the fateful day when my colleagues will embark to Negros Occidental. I have to make a choice in this one, and though painful for missing such an opportunity, I have to prioritize my studies and my major grade *teary eyes*), it's alright. Though it meant another series of sleepless nights, it's alright.

She has finally given us another chance and this is the time that I will do the best that I can to make presentable and justifiable outputs for the lesson that I have chosen. Eight IMs for the specific content area and another nine for each of the rest of the subjects. Maybe more than that, depending on the lesson. Hoot! This is it.

I am so much thankful with the decision that I made a few days ago upon passing my paper in Episode 4 though it had no answers. At first inspection, she was very angry because we were unable to write anything in it except our name and the signature of the cooperating teacher. But now, the wind has blewn another course and her monstrous heart calmed down. She returned those papers and affixed her signature below it. All we need to do is answer them properly and carefully with the IMs completely presented.

Good bye frustrations for the year 2011. Good bye doubts on my Field Study grade. Good bye crying and OA days just because of an unanswered Episode 4 paper.

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