Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There's Something About Ed Tech

Being an Education student is not easy. This is what I realized after enduring almost a year and a half in the course that I have dreamed to take. I finally understood why my high school teachers before told me not to pursue with my plan. I admit I was a little bit upset with what they said but now, I totally get what they meant. 

Now, with this major subject we call Ed Tech rather than Ed 3, money will always be the issue, together with creativity, effort, resourcefulness, and endurance. I had plenty of sleepless nights just for the sake of finishing all the requirements given to us by our professor. So far, I have not missed one instructional material but I admit, not all of it wasn't satisfying. 

Although I have to say that I have uttered a lot of "hay! kapuya pud ni" in the entire duration of such task, I discovered something more than that. I realized Nanay is always very willing to do whatever she can to help me. She would stay awake until 1 in the morning just to assist me. Tatay, one time, slept at 2 in the morning just to finish my Pic-a-hole activity while I was already sound asleep. I also found out that my family has been bonded during this time. We would talk about this and that while cutting papers, pasting cartolinas, and doing other stuffs for my activity. Even if my H was all used up for this subject alone, I did not regret the fact that it has helped me lessen my moments of begging from my parents. 

There is really something about Ed Tech that brought my family together. There is really something about Ed Tech that made me realize some people are willing to sacrifice their time and effort together with me just to see me accomplish my thing. There is really something about Ed Tech that told me that family is the best help you can have when you think nobody is there to assist you. 

It makes me give a big smile everytime. 


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