Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jive Your Life Away

We're almost over! Jive was taught to us this morning in our P.E. class and I can't imagine how others learned it that fast. Perhaps, I was just really dumb when it comes to psychomotor intelligence. Super dumb! I am still having major adjustments to my awkward movements and I do not know when I am going to get over this.Three more dances to go and we're done -- interpretative dance, modern dance, and cheer dancing.

But with the jive that we had this morning, I did not believe how I had a different impression on the dance. It was jolly and I totally enjoyed it (though I still had a hard time moving my feet). It was the only dance style that I perspired big time. With that one hour in the open court, I never noticed the rest of the pressure being laid down on me. I love jive :)


  1. ...jive jud rolzky...paninoud kay hayag ang grado

  2. ...wrong grammar pa jud ang blog...biruin mo, 1 comments daw? dinagdagan ko na lang ng isa pang comment para naman kahit papano, right na ang grammar

  3. wehhh... ukie ra nah rolyn jane.. hehe.. naa bitaw lai cute trainor.. hehe:) no other than me.. weeee!

  4. ...ngiiiiw...haha..anywayz, thank you ting ting! :)


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