Thursday, September 30, 2010


We plan things before they happen because we think that is the best way for us to arrange future activities and tasks. What we do not know is that God has better plans for us -- plans that would somehow be surprising but of course, always worthwhile.

My EdTech activity was very much efforted but sad to know, I only got a small grade. I do not know what our teacher's standard was when she gave that kind of points to me but she just did it and I cannot dictate her for whatever decision she will make. I thought my misery would continue until the afternoon. Before I left for school, my father reprimanded me -- his usual morning routine -- for being late again. That happens almost everyday and I have been used to it though I am also trying to move a little faster than a snail.

That day, honestly, wasn't as good as it seems. The sky was dark, the clouds were thick enough to pour it's anger on me, and the school environment wasn't as inviting as other days. I haven't mastered my speech yet to be delivered that afternoon. I haven't made my assignment in Filipino and I do not know when I can have the time to make it. I haven't talked to my friend about her mother -- and I am sure she will be grief-stricken when she'll hear the news. I do not know what to do. And worst, I do not have plans in mind.

Come what may, I concluded. With crossed fingers, I decided to start moving and see to it that one event won't complicate another.

There I finally was, seated in front of about thirty people, clad in a black dress. I was trying to recall my piece while my seatmate tried to calm himself. We tried to talk to each other to lessen the uneasiness but the throb was still there.

I don't have to say what happened between those five minutes of forceful speech. I don't have to describe the blank emotions of the audience who tried to absorb every word I said. I don't have to tell you that I forgot my lines thrice and that I added my own lines after going blank with the second-to-the last paragraph of my speech. I don't have to remember it all. What I am thankful for is that our teacher was convinced with my projection and gave me a satisfactory grade.

More and more unexpected things have to come and I have to cross my fingers for more serendipitous discoveries.

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