Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That One fateful Night

I decided to attend the meeting and help the rest of the staffers in the load that they're bringing. They are my family, second, to be exact and I have to be there to show that I care and to show that I am also worried just as how worried they are.

We were hoping for our leader to come. I asked my father to pray that he will have a change of heart and show up in the forum after missing two consecutive meetings. But he did not. Oh that fateful night!

Right after the meeting, it began to drizzle. I do not know if my father has arrived from home because he did not give me replies to my text messages. I saw him outside, waiting, and told the whole story. His face frowned in disbelief and I began to understand he also cared for us. Oh that fateful night!

Before we could escape from the borders of the city, my father told me that we had a flat tire. Wow! This has happened for the second time but this time, we tread a muddy, rocky road with teardrops pouring on our heads rather than on an asphalted one. Oh that fateful night!

We both walked 200 meters from the area where we had the flat and fortunately found a man whom we can inquire. "Asa ng duol nga bulkitan diri kuya?" I bravely asked. "Didto day. (pointing to the place where we were from) Patugbong ra mu paingon sa Sta. Monica day." What else can we do but walk again. Tatay pushed the motorcycle and finally found the bulkitan. We waited for a few minutes before it was totally fixed. Oh that fateful night!

Thank God we arrived home safe and sound; although I was trying to hold back the drowsiness while traveling, I was still thankful that we never met an accident along the way. Oh that fateful night!


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