Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Thoughts Part 4

I have been away from the blogosphere for quite sometime and within those absences, I had lots of things to tell although it wouldn't be necessary to delve into the minutiae.

I am still working with my Ed Tech requirements.  I do not know if I am just lazy to think of new styles for my Ed Tech activities or I suppose I really ran out of ideas on how to make my instructional materials ungeneric and unique.Good thing there are great people who are willing to give a hand and although complains are always in the picture, they always do what I ask them to do. I learned to be indigenous and explored our stinky bins for possible materials that can be recycled. It cost me a lot, though -- my H, my time, my effort -- but I know it should be dealt that way for that is the only way and nothing else. This will be over soon and I know that when that time comes, I will be looking back at those strained nights with myself and that old, tickety clock.

A mound of problems. Are they really called problems or are they just challenges that call for the right attitude in order to be conquered victoriously? I don't know. But they sound pretty much the same. I believe this is all part of God's plan -- for me to be into predicaments like this, for me to realize that I am a grown up now and I have to deal with these all with strong conviction and faith, for me to understand that life isn't always about laughs and jokes but also about making tough decisions and waking up into the unending loom of life's chaotic web. Although not all of the load of problems are mine, I still consider them mine for they have been experienced by the people I care about. It just hurts me to know that I am trying to be understanding and very willing to help but in the process would discover that they aren't even exerting an effort to help themselves.

This has been the biggest problem I and the publication have encountered. Who would ever think that the office of the so-called vanguards of truth will be ransacked in the middle of "nobody knows when" and would be stolen with three valuables so important and costly that even all of our allowances put together cannot pay a single camera. The discovery was surprising since at first, we thought it was just borrowed by someone. But  when it did not resurface 24 hours later, we were already alarmed. Whoever got those cameras really knew what he was doing. He knew when to attack in silence and what to exactly get. He knew how to play the game that even the policemen weren't left a trace. I just do not know if he knew that there will be more than ten people that will be caught in this glitch after that unexpected phenomena. I do not know what his motive was. But for optimism's sake, at least no staffer was hurt during the robbery. The investigation is still ongoing and we are all hoping and praying that, even just with 60% faith left, those cameras will be returned and the culprit will be caught.

Personality check. A dumb little sheep will always fall off a cliff when his shepherd is not responsible enough to watch over him. As of the moment, we are all like dumb sheep seeking for the rightful shepherd to tell us to do this and not do that. In the middle of this quandary, I can't believe those whom I thought would be there for me [and us] would be those who will give up first and abandon me [us].

I think this calls for a personality check. Involving emotions in any decision is not a bad thing. In fact, both should go along together. But if you begin to let your emotions overrule your decisions and your intellect, that is an insult to the natural order of God's creation of the human anatomy. He placed the brain above the heart to remind its owner that he has to use his head in making relevant choices and let the heart discern which is right and which is wrong. I might be mistaken in this view [I accept corrections] but I think this is how both organs should be used.

There is therefore no reason for people to leave their friends hanging in dead air without any valid reason -- unless the real problem is themselves. A dumb little lamb, if not guided by his shepherd, would follow another one and would tend to forget that relationship they have started to establish. Super sayang!  

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  1. Cling on Bb Rolz! Keep the faith and keep going! Ur a big girl now.

    Aja! Miss u.


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