Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts Part 3

My mother thinks I have an ulcer. Is it true that when you puke yellow liquid early in the morning, you have an ulcer? Oh I hope not. I don't want to have scars in my stomach. Anyway, the churning feeling of my stomach just ceased the moment I released all the bad elements in my body but it was indeed a painful process. I can hardly breath and I don't have the idea on what to do -- to eat my breakfast, to rush to the comfort room, to close my eyes, or to read my speech piece just to have distractions. Nothing worked.

Fortunately, God heard my prayer and gave me a few hours to enjoy the morning without any stomach ache. I was able to bring my brother to school, which, for the first time, I have done. I was able to tarry in front of the television and watch Canada's Next Top Model.

 Late, late, late! Sick, sick, sick! I thought the pang in my stomach would end there but the moment I stepped into the school premises for my afternoon class,  I felt it again. This is not good. This isn't really good. I was able to miss my Chemistry class and the exam that the teacher gave. I was in deep resentment upon knowing that, for the first time again, I have missed my Chemistry class and at the same time skipped an

A White Throne Experience. This is my most hated part but I have no choice but to do it. For the third time to have another first time today, I was able to sit in a white throne and spent a quiet time with the unseen and the unknown for almost three minutes. Good thing the environment has been very friendly in the process and though I had reservations for disturbances, I was still thankful my apprehensions did not  come to life. (I'm sorry I have to write it metaphorically for I cannot afford telling anyone about the real thing)

A glimpse. I had a glimpse of my English first year crush in the cafeteria after not seeing him in the campus for a couple of months now. Anyway, he was just a crush and the admiration crashed a long time ago when I realized he was a fraternity member, a smoker, a drunkard, and a total playboy. Perhaps, those are what he likes and I cannot intervene with whatever addictions he have. I simply don't want to admire someone with a bad record.

It seems to be a normal day and I hope it would also end normally. :)
GOD bless!

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