Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Front Seat

I woke up very late this morning. Who would ever think that a school girl like me who has a 7 a.m. class would wake up 5:30 in the morning and would still travel for an hour to school? I can't believe how I managed to iron my clothes, take a bath, and eat my breakfast for an hour. That's how snail-paced I am when at home. Tatay brought me to the highway and we both waited for a convenient ride. Three jeepneys have already passed and I was already doubtful if a Ceres bus will still pass on time. I told myself that if there will be no bus after a fourth jeep, then I have to hail a jeep rather than wait for that nowhere bus.

I might call this serendipity or perhaps the fruit of my patience. Indeed, a bus surfaced from afar and seeing its yellow color beam in the busy thoroughfare made me give a slight smile. I finally did not regret what I did, I told myself.

So there I was, seated on the front seat of the yellow bumble bee. We were able to overtake the three jeepneys that once passed by, filled with students and workers who all seemed to be ready for the day's strain. Little kids were walking on the roadside, either going to school or to a nearby store. People began to get out of their houses and looked very ready to face a new day. There were overconfident drivers who tried to overtake and there were also considerate ones who gave way to those who wanted to get to their destinations fast.

As expected, I was late for my P.E. class but was still able to cope with the dance steps. Front seat's super cool! Ceres rocks! ♥

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  1. haha.. k ra nah rulinda.. gapareho ra baja tang ya.ya.on.. haha:)


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