Thursday, December 16, 2010

You're Not Alone

You're not alone my dear...

...though you feel you are left out
...though you think everyone is against you
...though you are doubting of what I have said
...though you put malice on almost everything
...though you seem to carry the whole world's problems.

You're not alone, I say...

I might not have told you but I am right here, waiting for you to tell me how I can ease the pain. 
I might not have shown how concerned I was when you cried on my shoulders, but I tell you everything I did and said were all sincere.
I might have released harsh words that triggered your salty waters to run and I have to say sorry for being frank.
I might have not let you understand the whole thing but I know you have enough of the discernment to absorb every detail of my confessions. 

You're not alone, please do believe me.

I am here...
...your best friend
...your adviser (sometimes)
...your human diary
...your 'another one'
...your partner in our 'dirty little secret' which did not end so secret at all
...your daughter.

You're not alone.

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