Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Modern Dance Night

I and my TN colleagues decided to hasten the discussion in the meeting to watch the Modern Dance Competition. What happened was breath-taking and literally bone-breaking.

As usual, the gymnasium was jam-packed with spectators from the different colleges and supporters who are always ready for their banners and yells. On the other hand, we found a perfect spot to settle ourselves--on stage. Nine colleges and satellite campuses vied for the title. Unfortunately, I was not able to cheer for our college since there were no representatives. What I heard was that they did not have any budget for the said competition. Poor us!

Anyway, the stunts were nice. I saw how they made an effort in making their costumes and their props. I also know that they have spent sleepless nights for their choreography to be perfected. And though I am not born to be a dancer, I know it wasn't the best from them.

If I am one of the judges in that competition, I would really say these things. They lack energy (though they seemed so potent after they have distorted their faces and stuck their tongues in every cramping they did), creativity (though they tried to make it look attractive to the audience), and originality (it's pretty obvious some of the actions were from the dance team Poreotix and some hand movements from the famed Naruto).

The disturbing part was that some of the dancers did not land safely after executing dangerous back tumblings. Instead of landing on their feet, some landed on their shoulders, on their knees or on their backs. But they all seemed to be unaffected of those falls. Instead of acting morbid, they still was able to dance the rest of the steps and finish their numbers. (*a clap for them please*)

But it all ended well. Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus got the 4th place, followed by the College of Maritime Education on the 3rd spot, then by the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management on the 2nd spot, then the once defending champion College of Arts and Sciences as the 1st runner-up, which seemed to be hesitantly accepted by the group, and the new champion for this year which did not only get the biggest trophy but also took home the two minor awards--Best in Costume and Best in Choreography. Kudos to the College of Industrial Technology. (silingan na sa amung college..yehey!)


  1. Haha! Sana ikaw nlang ang nag judge!
    Anyway, can't relate that much. I did not read it :)

  2. *watch it rather. Sorry

    Mary Narvasa


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