Friday, December 10, 2010

Delays Mean Regrets!

Here I am once again, adding another list of story titles into my account, and trying to brighten up my day although it started gloomy. It wasn't what I planned in the first place, but somehow,  it was what came up.

I woke up six this morning and ironed all my needed costumes for this afternoon's role play in Sociology. I hastened, thinking that I have to be early though my first class today starts at ten. I thought I might drop by the office for awhile to check some articles and proceed to my class. After folding my clothes into my bag, the delay started. 

Delay #1: My sister asked me to tie her hair for their presentation on the 1st anniversary of our town's No-Smoking Campaign. They are to deliver a dance number and she said she has to look her best. (weh!) However, I told her I can't do it for I don't have the skill in doing so, so she demonstrated it by tying my other sister's hair. I stared but I did not get the right procedure. I spent 15 minutes just to look at it. I could have used it for eating my breakfast.

Delay #2: My brother asked me to turn the t.v. on and after discovering that he doesn't like the show on Disney Channel, I surfed for a good program. I landed on HBO and after seeing Mandy Moore's face on screen and knowing that it was a familiar movie, I grabbed a seat and made another delay. Later, I discovered it was "Chasing Liberty."

Delay #3: I did not mind about the time, and seemed to forget that I haven't eaten my breakfast and haven't taken a bath yet but I remained on my seat, enjoying the movie that has been watched a long time ago. I finally prepared my plate and brought my food in front of the t.v. instead of eating in the dining table. I swallowed everything slowly and once again made another 30-minute delay.

Delay #4: I always make the longest delay when I am in the room, changing, after a quick bath. I don't know how I do it but I just can't unplug myself in front of the mirror without feeling contented of what I am wearing.

Delay #5: After making a 500-meter walk from home to the highway, I found out that the parade has blocked the market area, disabling public utility jeepneys and buses to pass that way. I have to walk another 500 meters just to hail for a ride. That was the fifth delay for the day. 

Delay #6: There finally was the bus. I thought it would help me get to my class on time. But I was wrong. The heavy traffic on the south boundary of the city has to be blamed for everything. It took me 30 more minutes to wait patiently inside the bus before it moves another meter or so. Oh how I hate traffic especially when it means sacrificing a major subject. 

Delay #7: I was already glancing at my phone time when I got off the bus. I know I have to make haste in order for me to make it on time. I flagged a pedicab thinking that it will bring me directly to school. Much to my dismay, it did not. It seemed like it gave me a quick tour around the city before bringing me to my destination. I wanted to protest but I do not have the nerve to do so. 

So there I finally was, walking, almost flying, just to be able to get into my only class in the morning. And because I posted this, it meant that I did not make it. I was definitely late and I have to stay out to avoid embarrassment. How dare that movie, that parade, that traffic, that pedicab, and that teacher who started the class on time. (huhuhu) The most painful part was to discover that she gave an examination to the class on that day -- that miserable day where delays queued up.

I will never do it again. Hopefully!  :'(


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