Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My First Shooting Star

Predominated by the "mind over body" principle inside my head and the thought of being scolded the moment I'll arrive home for losing something, I was in no mood to go home last night.

The atmosphere of the bus terminal added to my irritation after an irksome stench welcomed me in. The floor was wet. The bus they parked was the old-modeled one. I did not get the seat next to the window. Some people, though very much aware of the very crowded situation, still forced themselves to be contained in that matchbox. I honestly did not like everything about that night. I even had second thoughts of not going home directly and look for a good place to shout my feelings out instead. I did not pursue it though for I know the people at home were already worried sick of me. 

After the tiresome one-hour trip home, I found myself walking lazily on the pavement. I then made quick plans on what to do the moment I'll arrive home. Eat my supper? Half-bath? Watch t.v.? Study for an exam? As I was trying to lighten the load I was carrying, I had the chance to look up and somehow seek for comfort. I even made fun of the stars and thought of making my own constellations. 

And right where I was standing was the sight of a single shooting star. I do not know how big it's effect on me was but when I realized it was a shooting star, I just created a smile on my face. It seemed like it heaved all the burdens I was carrying that time and gave me that moment of delight. I was awed with what I saw for it was my first time to see one. Many of my friends have shared that they have seen numerous shooting stars and that it was a beauty. Now that I have witnessed it myself, I can really say that it was a magnificent creation.

After that queer encounter with a star, I immediately whispered a thank you prayer to God for providing me something that would make me forget my problems even just for a while. And as the night went deep, I never removed the beautiful image of that star in my head and how it blinked on me.


  1. Wow. I haven't seen one and Im hoping I'll be able to witness it too :)) Wait, did you make a wish? :)

  2. ..wishing for something did not come up....nawili ra jud ko sa iyang beauty then at the same time hoping to see more..hehe...nalimot ko ug wish :D :D


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