Monday, December 13, 2010

Here They Finally Are

I somehow thought we will never have our 2010 staff pictorial after the publication faced a great tribulation which has a big relation to its possessions. Anyhow, if there's a will, there's a way. So finally, this is it. 

♥ The Newbies ♥

Christine "Tine" Antosada
(the morena girl; shy type but I know may ibubuga 'to)

Mary Cherry "Ting" Sanchez
(lol na lol kung tumawa; a good speaker[estoryahe])

Albert "Einstein" Umbac
(mighty teacher gaya ko :D; top 1 of the newbies)

Shenmae "Shen?" Sojor
(lost sa mga newbies; asa na man ka day?)

Crystal "Momi Crys" Vocal
(hot mama)

♥ The Oldies ♥ 

The Writers

Janethriz "Newbie" Aso
(pinanindigan ang pagiging newbie kahit old nah :D)

Ramie "Pichay" Bulaybulay
(hard-working 'to; dako kaayo ni ug H)

Ryan "Rayna" Gantalao
(Mr. Hambabalud)

WAPU People

Japhet "Paulo" Pagarigan
(moody :! mukaon na ug computer)

Lincoln "Lolo Linx" Cardines
(uhm..uhm...photographer namu nah)

Arvin "Arvztist" Rodriguez
(an artist by heart)

Paul Anthony "Tonio" Eso
(artistahin; jack of all trades)

Nel Justine Kristoffer "Justinebelles" At-at
(WAPU head; sino si My Love?) 

Cameron "Ruruy" Tañara
(amung kinakusgang S.A.)

Business Unit 

Lycel "Liting ♥ Piport" Caingcoy
(lubas pero cute daw, ingon sya)

Caroline "Robot" Casal
(the ever dynamic staffer of the year)

The Editors

Kenneth "Kintot" Pael
(gusto nya ring maging staffer of the year kaya naning na naning)

Shiela Marie "Fudgee Bar" Catacutan
(she loves the camera; go miss features ed)

Rina Marie "Baby R" Rubia
(another lover of the camera; maraming pix sa FB nyan)

Dorothy Mae "Mi Doh" Acabo
(the third lover of the camera; news ed)

Rolyn Jane "Orange" P. Catanus
(absolutely me :) no comment)

Maria Margarita "Te Margz" Narvasa
(the EIC; ang cute na salarin)

Not everyone enjoyed the rare beauty of having a camera in one setting. Bakit pa naman kasi nag-absent during the pictorial :) Anyhow, this is my family. We work and we laugh. Some are corky, tactless, serious, sweet, cute, and hard-working but all of us share the same identity -- being a TNnite. (mugna!)

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  1. Naay common denominator ang editors... "loves the camera" haha xD


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