Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tale of The Hot Water

The class was very busy putting their attention to the lesson of the teacher for if she is able to spot someone not looking at her, she scolds them and worse, sends them out. That is how strict yet efficient our Ed 7 teacher is. 

This morning, while discussing on Metacognition, our senile teacher started coughing and her face turned pink in an effort to release all the irritations inside her throat. She then spotted Xang2x, who was beside me that time, and requested her to run down to the dean's office to get a class of water.

"Kanang dili bugnaw dai ha," she reminded. 

Xang2x quickly went out of the classroom while the coughing started to stop. She cleared her throat and talked once more, seemingly unaffected with the recent cough attack.

Minutes later, Xang2x was visible in the foyer, obviously uncomfortable with the glass of water. It was piping hot the moment she entered in. 

"What's that?" our teacher asked.

"Water ma'am," Xang2x responded. 

"Mainom ba na nako dai?"

"Ingon man ka nako ma'am nga hot water," she smiled.

"I said put a little hot water, not a glass of hot water." Then she continued talking to the class without minding the hot water ready to scorch her esophagus the moment she begins to put it into her mouth. 

As the class ended, I told Xang2x in a whisper, "Naunsa man ka uy? Imbes isalbar nimu ng maestra, imu na nuon nang patyon." "Wa gud laman nimu na gi huna-huna," I continued with a laugh. 
She justified, "Kay ingon man sya nga hot water. Mao ra pud akong gihatag."

"Nya wa ka ga think nga iyang im-nun?"

She laughed. 

We were dismissed a few minutes later and the glass of hot water was left on top of the teacher's table, untouched. 

Lesson learned: Don't kill a teacher through a glass of hot water.

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