Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What You Missed 'Bout Me

It's been so long since I have not touched this page. Well, how are you doing? (I honestly am short of words right now. I hope photos can suffice the absence of lexicons.)

March 31-April 1. The publication bid an official farewell to our oldies. They have graduated, and they are leaving the publication to a new set of Editorial Board. We spent overnight at the Escosas Beach Resort and had fun all the way through. 

From Mommy Crystal's house to the venue was a couple of kilometers away, we arrived at roughly 6:30 in the evening. It was exciting albeit tiring. 

We enjoyed the rooms, (and oh by the way, I love the background paint of this one room), watched TV, slept 'til 10 in the evening or so until our dinner was prepared, and got more photos.

We all looked magical, or at least we felt like one on that splendid night. Ball gowns, neck ties, high heels, make-up, suits, and gel. It just seemed like my promenade years ago, when I was still in high school. haha. Btw, the Farewell Party started at 1 a.m. already. (I am not exaggerating!) Though tired and sleepy, we managed to give these smiles. 

The new Editorial Board took their oaths and were taken a photo (absent are our Features Editor and Arts and Graphics Unit Head because they are in Baguio 'til May for their OJT). The next four people are our oldies, including our former Editor-in-Chief, former News Editor, former Circulation Manager, and former Senior Writer. The program lasted until 7 in the morning the next day. Sleepless night, ceaseless talks. Just see the transition of the lights from the upper photos down to the last one. Epic! haha. 

And finally, a swim in the pool. Unfortunately, I wasn't in any of these pictures. haha. Too long to explain. 

April 9. 'Twas my birthday. I just turned nineteen but I don't seem like a nineteen-year-old, something I am both thankful and worried for. My colleagues in the publication planned a surprise but it did not work out the way it should be. It was spoiled, so I knew ahead of time. haha. 

They gate-crashed, we had fun, took a lot of photos, talked and talked, went to the seashore, ate ice cream, laughed, and before dark, they went home. It was a great birthday celebration indeed. Thanks to these folks. 

I thought the surprise was for a day only. But heck no! With all smiles on, this is one of the best birthdays I had. Hooo. Thank you Lord. This video is made by my crushie crush for me. Oh yeah! (parang "in loving memory of Rolyn Jane" lang naman ang vid na to. haha. Pero oh my gosh!! Kilig to the BONES!)

Oh yeah! Summer is here. I am super ready! Super! NINETEEN. wahahaha


  1. Belated happy birthday to you! ~♬~

    It's so much fun sharing lighter moments with friends.

    Have a good day! ^◡^

  2. Di ko pa binabasa pero magko comment na agad ako sa mga pics..lols...

    Awesome pics portraying the happy faces of the people you know and close to you.

    Psst..read my blog, I have a contest and I want you to join. Thanks.

    Read ko uli to and will give sensible comments after.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Juicy Jay: okay kuya. i shall visit your blog. :) hopefully i can win something from it. hehe :)

  5. @michymichymoo: thank you for the belated greetings. hehe. :)))

  6. Happy belated birthday!
    And nice pictures :D

  7. happy bday :) late na ba masyado? hehe
    pretty naman ni ateng. hehe

  8. @jhengpot: hmm. let me calculate. (parang marunong lang) di pa naman super late. salamat jheng ^_^

  9. who made the video Rolyn? hahahaha... di ka namin malilimutan.lol

  10. @Albert Einstein☺: my crushie crush bert. weeeH! hahaha. mao lagi. mura jud ug in the loving memory of. ^_^


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