Monday, April 16, 2012

Teacher vs. Student -- The Ultimate Word Tussle

I am not the type who speaks out openly in the class if I don't like a teacher. This is not like in Western countries where students can freely tell the teacher that his/her class is boring. There are other means, however, on how you can express your boredom. Social networking sites might do. There's Facebooking via mobile and etc. Just make sure your teacher cannot read what you have posted on your wall against him, or else, you are absolutely a dead meat. 

The subject is Philosophy. The name of the teacher? Well, secret. hahah. So 'twas the second day of classes for this summer, and I anticipated for a boring discussion. I opened my Facebook via my mobile, and posted this.

And just this morning, he added me on Facebook. I was flattered as well as surprised upon seeing his name. Of course, I accepted his friend request, thinking nothing but to continue Facebooking and read some blogs. But a few moments later, he started chatting me.

Wow! More surprises for one day. I asked him to clarify what he meant by what he said with all due respect. I think I did not do any wrong. But then, he continued and this...

Alas! He was able to read my post the other week. I totally forgot that I posted that on my wall, and now, I am in great trouble. SUPER great trouble. Justifying myself won't do any good, so I immediately asked for pardon. 

You want more? 

He was hurt, and he honestly told me that. Oh my gums!!! I just can't imagine what I looked like when reading this. I seemingly forgot how to blink my eyes and move my lips and fingers. I know I am guilty of hurting his feelings. I am so rude, so mean. But I know how to accept my fault. There's no need for me to deny anything. May ebidensya na oh!! 

I asked for sorry again and again. Good thing he did not take it seriously, or maybe he did. I don't know. His messages were filled with smileys. How would I know if he was sincere with what he has been telling me? 

Yeah! He still managed to tell me that he was just kidding and that he just scared me. But I now it hit him hard and low for knowing that one of his students criticized him on Facebook. I admit it was my bad. His class was truly boring. Good thing he was open-minded, or at least, a positive thinker, ready to accept criticisms. I am so sorry sir. Truly I am. Tsk. 

And for the finale, he said........

On what's going to happen tomorrow when we meet again in his Philosophy class, good luck to me (cross-fingerssss!!)

CROSS FINGERS! Now he knows me. -_-


  1. OMG! :D That's a lesson learned there... good thing your professor is open-minded and chatted with you instead of killing you slowly in the class knowing about it... heheheh!

  2. @WildRose: yeah. pahamak talaga tong facebook. tsk. a very big lesson learned indeed!

  3. YOU GOT CAUGHT!!! o_o
    Good luck for what's coming. <(' .' )>
    Hoho, don't mind me. I am just trying to scare you. :P

  4. waaa katakot lng hahahah

  5. so how was class after the chat? mabait naman ba si sir?! :)

  6. nyahaha :) this is so terrible!!
    am so amazed Sis on how you handle the conversation!!nyahaha . Pero tama ka, na hurt nga sya pero sabi mo nga, nadala ka lang ng emosyon mo during that moment. Paita jud oi!!1 nyahaha

    >> murag face face man diay!!

  7. BE careful of what you're posting next time. :) Glad your teacher's kinda cool! ;)

  8. I understand you 'cause I had been on your situation before. HAHA. But just different social sites. He was also a Philosophy Professor, and I think, most of them are really boring. LOL. But they are open-minded and understanding! Oh well, good thing your teacher doesn't know your blog cause what happened to me is that I posted about him in my blog and he found out about it. He also chatted me in facebook! See? I really can relate with you! :))) But as of today, the teacher and I are really good friends. I admit he is kinda boring in class but not with friendship. ;)

    Anyway, be careful next time!
    This is really a long comment. LOL.

  9. gosh!.. bilib ko sa imo tcher cuz nakit-an jud niya tong post'a..

    Nah!? Careful next time. ;-)

  10. suddenly i dont feel safe in my blog anymore. :( There's no way to change privacy settings and EVERYONE can read it if they know the link.


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