Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Thoughts Part 22

It's just so evident that summer has begun. Many have went to their hometowns to have a feel of nature, and their home sweet home. But as for me and the rest of the summer students, there's never gonna be a summer this year. 

The Verbal Tussle in Philosophy. Oh yes. April 18 was supposed to be a normal Wednesday if not for that Philosophy class. I have been posting events about that subject and my dear teacher a.k.a Monster, and I expected for the taunts to cease on the third day. 'Twas the day for us to start our debate. And unfortunately, I was asked by the teacher to pick the group to present their debate for that day. I carefully chose one roll of paper from the five laid on the table. When I opened it, chedeng! Group 3! That's our group. What a day! 

And to make the long story short, we started the Oxford Debate, I was the Necessity speaker of the Government side on Divorce, and at the end of the session, seasoned with laughs and verbose mouths, our team won by 25-13 votes!! I, naturally, am Anti-Divorce and most of my teammates, but at that time, we were assigned to defend the Pro-Divorce side. It was a bit difficult, especially when you defend something that's against your principles. But we have to. It's part of our grade. 

What is Wrong with Twitter and My Memory? The people here in the office have somehow surprisingly got addicted to Twitter. I tried to reopen my Twitter account and clean some webs but alas, I cannot open it anymore. Now, I have to make another one, and you know it's very difficult to start from number one. I actually forgot some of the steps, and I have to invite friends again. Oh it's fine. I hope I can be into Twitter soon. ♥

The Thought that Alarmed Me. During our Special Topics class this morning, my teacher talked about pregnancy and scoliosis, among others. You see, I am scoliotic, and one of my long-term plans is to have a family of my own soon. I have been praying for that. But how will I be able to have a family of my own if I can't be pregnant? hahahah. So funny right? I am too inclined with the future. 

My teacher said that people with scoliosis will have a hard time during their pregnancy years. :( As of now, I won't comment further. This is insane. haha. :D

He's Saying "Babye!" My crushie crush is in the neighboring region right now for their SOLAS. I forgot  what that means. haha. Anyhow, he said goodbye this morning. Ayyyyy! I just hope he won't forget to buy me a pasalubong. Now, I am missing him. KORNIX! hahaha

Thank You Kuya Kiko. And for the best part, lemme thank Kuya Kiko of Kaepalan Ni Kiko for this header. He has been efforting on making headers as a sign of thank you to his new followers. I am just happy I was included. Thank you again kuya. :)))) 

Daghang Salamat! Maraming Salamat! Many Thanks! :)) ♥


  1. The 'dear teacher' hasn't backed off yet? Persistent!

    There are a lot of persons I know who always get their password wrong in twitter but that doesn't happen with FB.

    I hope that your long-term future plans come true soon.

    That's such a great thing to do for new followers. Very dedicated blogger!

    Take care! :)

  2. So excited for the crush cheberloo. Ayeee. Gora gurl! Gamitin and smilez XP

  3. walay sapayan.. pero daghang salamt sad sa pagfollow sa akoa :)

  4. Congrats for winning in the debate! :D
    Tell me when you're done with Twitter. Let's tweet! :))

  5. ahahahahah...You are SO late on twitter....ahhahaahha

  6. I don't have twitter yet.hahaha. okay lang yan. :)

  7. @Sui generis Writer: i do hope my teacher stops his childish acts on me. tsk. -_-

  8. @♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔: haha. effort talaga ako kuya na mag remind sa kanya about the pasalubong. charity! ^_^

  9. @Jana: thank you jana :))) i am now on twitter

  10. Safety of life and see? correct? hehe..
    I wanted to take SOLAS but it's kind of expensive. is your crushie an HRM or Nautical student? :)

  11. @Mai Yang: he is a nautical student. now i remember. haha. safety of life at sea ^_^

    salamat sa reminder mai. hahah. uuwi na sya bukas. eeeeh!

  12. Hi I just awarded you with versatile blogger award, see my post here

  13. @Orange Pulps ♥

    ang saya muna cguro no? :)

    kaya pala may SOLAS sya. haha! bongga! paibigin muna :)

  14. shocks! Sea pla! hahaha! see yong naisulat ko :D my bad! haha


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