Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher vs. Student -- The Ultimate Questioning Day

So I'm back, and definitely still intact. Luckily, the monster did not eat me alive in his Philosophy class. Oh! My bad. He's not a monster, but today, I think he did transform into one. huhu. If you have read my post yesterday about how I got to face the fury of the dragon via Facebook, then this is the continuation.

I was anticipating for a more serious Mr. _______ today in his Philosophy class. Before entering into his 10 a.m. class, I scurried to the nearest internet cafe to have our arguments for our debate printed. I had to run for I do not want to be late in his class this time. 

So there I finally was, slowly walking into the classroom. I could already hear his turtle-paced voice in the alley.  My heart started to race, but I still wanted to act like nothing happened yesterday. I have to act like I wasn't intimidated with what he had said. Ang kapal na ng mukha ko! I entered in, greeted him good morning and got no response (he was musing on his laptop during that time), went to my seat, and smiled at my course mates who also knew of the story. 

As if nothing really happened. The classroom atmosphere sounded like a noisy fish market -- the typical scenario. My heartbeat went back to normal, even until the moment that one of my friends came to me and whispered that my surname was used as an example and was written on the board. 

Mrs. Catanus was having an affair. 
Mrs. Catanus was having an affair.

He really wrote it twice. I don't why it was there, but I acted like I did not see it. So the class has already actually started. He was talking again, but this time his voice commanded authority. Wow! He really meant what he said yesterday. 

First question for the day was thrown to the class, but he pinpointed one student to answer. Guess who that student was? Yes. Who else, but me. I answered it but it was all wrong. haha. 

Mr. Monster: What are the important parts of an argument Ms. Catanus? 
Me: ...claims, evidence, reasons, and conclusion.
MM: No! 


MM: What do you mean by premise and conclusion Ms. Catanus? 
Me: I don't have any idea sir.
MM: Why do you have no idea? 
Me: Because I did not read.
MM: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF? And you are not reading? You should read because you are the editor-in-chief. How will you be able to deliver good reports when you do not read?
Me: I don't read because I don't like your subject. (good thing I was able to control and this statement just remained in my head.)


MM: What do you mean by statement Ms. Catanus?
Me: A statement is a...it contains words that makes up an idea.
MM: Ok.


MM: Okay Ms. Catanus. You are laughing there. What do you mean by subject and predicate? 
Me: The subject is the one...uhm...is the word that is being talked about in the sentence. Predicate, on the other hand, modifies or supports the subject.
MM: *astounded* Ok. Very good. 


MM: Okay Ms. Catanus. Do you have any idea what a conditional statement is? 
Me: It is a statement sir that might be true in one situation but might not be true to another situation.
MM: *agape* Exactly! So class...blah! blah!


etc. etc. etc. (many questions were asked on that 2-hour class. I forgot most of it already. But I am certain that I answered most of it correctly. Hoo!)

This is the day that I ate almost all of his questions and humiliated me in front of the class. Ouch! He was really testing me. But I did not slouch when I stood up to answer his questions -- whether I knew the answers or not. I talked as if I was confident of my answers. haha. (no shrilling of voice or whatsoever). I even raised my eyebrows every time my name is called, with a matching sarcastic smile and sharp stare. I know I am good at that. 

But the fact remains. He still is my teacher and I am his student. I have to give him the respect duly intended for him. He's not that bad naman. He is even one of the very few whom I know that has a very open mind. Hand salute! ^_^


Oh. It does not end there. Just this noon, he chatted me again. And these are the highlights of our chat. haha. I felt okay again. ^_^

That is all for today. Another day tomorrow. Another blog entry. And perhaps, another chat moment. ngek. hahaha ^_^


  1. Wow, I can't believe your friends with your professor on facebook! How cool! But wow, I can't believe he was so nice about you saying his class was boringO.O I hope he doesn't hold it against you!!


  2. Good job Orange for making it out! hahaha.. i could not believe on this one, more than 6 questions in a class on a student? gash? i smell war...

  3. I don't know what to say. Last time I had a war with a professor, it's because he was really unprofessional.


  4. Very immature act!
    I sure hope he doesn’t have your blog address too.

  5. what a chat!.. .that's what we call "CLOSURE".\
    naku naku rolst!.. bantay gyud kag ma-fall in luv'avo na xia nimu.. hahaah

    PEACE dude! ;-P

  6. I agree with the above comment (Ms. Jela's). Hahaha! But you're so great, you answered his questions bravely! ;)
    Be very careful again! Not letting him know this blog of yours. He might get more curious with you. :")

    Good luck tomorrow!


  7. @Ashley: he added me on facebook, actually, which is surprising. hehe. but it's ok. he's cool too, but not on teaching. i believe he won't discover my blog. :))

  8. @Albert Einstein☺: i really felt that he had a grudge on me einstein. tsk! but let's see tomorrow. tomorrow's another day.

  9. @michymichymoo: i don't know if this is a war with the prof, but he's really into me. he hates me -_-

  10. @Sui generis Writer: i do hope he won't discover this blog. i know he won't ^_^

  11. @Jela Mae Ruales: uy jela, ayaw ng fall in love ha. he's old. tsk. hahaha. jela ha.

  12. @Jana Teves: i really have to answer her bravely or else he will kill me softly. hehe. hooo. tomorrow na nmman.

  13. nyahahhah! Orange, I guess he was just challenged! that's actually a compliment on your part... hehehhe! hmmmm... I beat he would give you the highest grade he could give. why? so you won't really think he has a grudge on you... hahah!
    I'll wait for your post tomorrow.. :D

  14. Is he young and single? I think he has a crush on you. I sense subtle flirting here. :)

    And I wonder how will he react if he finds out about your blog..hmm...?

    Kasabot kog bisaya mao nalingaw jud kog basa sa inyohang chat sa fb. :)

  15. @Ile Odarod: he's young and single ile. but i am affirmative that he has no crush on me. he likes another girl in our class and he keeps on telling me to send his regards to her.

    haha. dili nako sya type uy. hahaha. and sure jud kong di xa maka sakop ani nga blog. ^_^


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