Monday, April 30, 2012

The Substitute Teacher

Teaching is a profession you  just can't belittle. 

I did not have a class with my Philosophy teacher today, thank heavens. I had a chat with him just moments ago, and his reason for not coming in to class was that he was tired. Wow. What a teacher! Tired?! Really? But now, I think I can relate to what he is feeling. I know now how tiring it could really be. 

This morning, I was awakened by the husky voice of my father. "Jen, mata nah. Ikaw tudlo sa akong mga bata karun kay wala koy tingog." (Jen wake up. You substitute me today for I don't have a voice.) He was suffering from a throat infection for a couple of days now. He wasn't even able to preach well yesterday. 

Anyway, so there I was, preparing for my half-day class with Tatay's pupils. I taught them reading today, specifically two-letter blends (sm, sl, and sc). It was fun, but tiring. I have to be honest. Not everyone is attentive, and kids have short attention span. If you are not the patient type, never ever pursue teaching. You'll be in jail in no time. haha.

Today, I have dealt with kids that seem to have no respect with their teacher. I have dealt with kids that no matter how I motivate them, they will still not heed to what I tell them. I have dealt with kids that are hyperactive. Indeed, teaching demonstrations inside the classroom are far different from the actual situation. 

For half a day, I was a teacher; and it was incredibly tiring. How much more those teachers who murmur everyday, trying to drive their students into learning. I take my hat off and salute for them. I am pursuing Teaching, and hopefully soon, I will be an effective one. And more patient, too. haha.


  1. Aaah! Kids. You really need to be veeeeery patient when dealing with kids. But looking at the bright side, if you've gotten hold of their attention and they're looking at you with those big brown curious eyes, you'd feel.... awesome, just like that! *snaps fingers* Iba rin ang feeling.. XD Naranasan ko kasi sa pamangkin ko. XD

    Being a teacher, I'm sure mahirap.. But teachers make doctors. Teachers make nurses. Teachers make engineers. Teachers make professionals. I salute them.

    Isa to sa words of wisdom ng Lola ko.. who's also a teacher. ;)

  2. at least, as u said, cute btaw ang mga kids!.

    gosh! i taught kids once, cause ive been a catechist before, 'twas depressing!.
    that would be my first, and probably be my last!> heheh

  3. Teacher! teacher! I pooped in my pants....huwah huwaahhh huwaaahhhhhhh

  4. teaching is a stressful job! i think it was great u helped ur dad! i did a work exerpeince in a primary school and i could barely keep up with the kids XD

  5. Being a teacher does require a lot of patience and devotion. They have such an important task educating the students and preparing them for the future. Best wishes for your pursuits in the profession of teaching. :)

  6. I would never survive as a teacher. I have no patience. :(

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  7. Patience is so incredibly important! It's funny, I have patience but I don't think I could be a teacher. Good luck to you!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. I remember my teaching hours last semester. It was five subjects that I handle in accounting. I agree with your professor, though. It was very tiring. Imagine having a day job and still lecturing after office hours up to 9pm everyday.

    If you desire to become a teacher, may it be on little kids or late teens, you must serve as an inspiration to them. To make them realize that with you, their dreams is just an arms reach. :)

  9. "If you are not the patient type, never ever pursue teaching. You'll be in jail in no time."

    SO TRUE ahahaha
    but at least here in the philippines, it's not that strictly enforced since there are still teachers who shouts at students and pinch them, unlike in the states, even a single touch can lead you to jail.

  10. Being a teacher was never my option when I was choosing a course to pursue. Cause you were right, being a teacher is just really tiring. I see how my teachers during elem, hs, and even now in college how they give their all just to teach stubborn students like me. Lol.
    I have also experienced being a teacher to little kids at church. Tiring but when you see how the kids are so attentive and how they really thirst for new stories, oh how you would miss them after teaching. :)
    God bless you future teacher! :)

  11. Reading this entry made me visit my teaching days. Indeed, handling kids are so exhausting but at the end of the day I felt satisfied. I never have loved teaching until I was involved in it last 2005 until 2007 and that made me appreciate the profession that indeed it’s noble. I may not have earned so much but what’s important was that I learned so much from it.
    I was a teacher and at the same time an accountant (double degree hehe) - handled advisory of Grade 1 level and assisted Pre-School Department during my teaching days. The owner of the school was my Uncle and it was him who believed that I can be great at teaching. The reason I was dragged to teach was due to lack of teaching staff during that time. And to my surprise, I was loved by my pupils. But, like anyone else who has a higher dream, I need to leave my post when a great opportunity overseas knocked my door. And that made my pupils cried when I told them I’ll be leaving soon. Even parents expressed little disappointment when they knew I’m leaving. But life has to move on, dreams should be chased.
    My advisory then was Grade 1 and also I was handling Grade 3, 4, and 6 English and Computer subjects.

  12. That's a good training ground except from CEd's practice teaching. Nakasulay na gid pud ko ana...hahha...

  13. That's why teachers shouldn't be underestimated. sometimes kasi we tend to think because teacher's have lesser salary than a businessman, hindi worth it yung job.
    I love teaching kids when I go volunteer, it's a fulfilling feeling.
    You had fun even if tiring naman dba? :)
    Goodluck for more teaching experience!


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