Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Thoughts 9

This is not the first time that I have been hooked to a very long and difficult exam. This is not the first time that I stood in front of a crowd. This is not the first time that I had a rather tiresome day. But there is nothing wrong with redundantly posting things about it, right?

Si Pilemon. In one of my Tuesday classes, a teacher asked us to individually sing a song in front as a part of our lesson in Philippine Literature. Say what? I am fully aware that since birth, I am not gifted with a golden voice. But I have to do it for the sake of having a grade good enough to bring me to the brim. So there I was, singing in front of a crowded classroom the folk song "Si Pilemon." With this kind of serious demeanor, no one would expect that I would sing such song. I did it though. And thank God I did not collapse at any cost.

The Interrogation. I wrote a column last week on the undesirable trait of a teacher in our university and our Literature teacher thinks she was the one I was referring to. Well, who is who? Secret. Is she that guilty of what she did that's why she asked me such? I have to lie and I have to be brave. Anyway, the interrogation did not shake my stand on the column I wrote. I am starting to become a journalist now. Now ko pa na realize because of that interrogation, sorry! 

Head Throbs. I had two exams this week already and both were unprepared. I know how good I am at procrastinating but what confused me was the fact that every time I try to change my super ugly attitude of setting things aside for later, I just find myself doing the same act over and over again. Aside from memorizations and articles to edit, this laziness syndrome in me has continued to make my head throb.

Blessing. Well, what can you say? God is good all the time. And Kenneth just can't keep his urge of eating a free snacks all by himself. Thanks to his somewhat thick face and strong vibes toward Dr. Bernaldez, my humorous and efficient teacher in Ed 8, I had a free snacks, too.

Weak Eyes. I tried to wear glasses once but it did not suit me. First is that it was just a fashion eyeglass and second is that I really do not have bad eyes. That was before, though. Something is wrong with my sense of eyesight now. It keeps on irritating me especially when I look at the monitor for a longer period. This did not happen before. Maybe this calls for another correctional eyeglasses but I still have to observe what happens next before pushing to have eyeglasses.


  1. I have a solution for you...Quit schooling, marry a pedicab driver, and be a mother to a dozen rug rats.

  2. haha..not a solution after all... :P


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