Friday, June 17, 2011

Blame It to the Heels

Okay. This happened four days ago. I was with two of my close friends in Lee Super Plaza to buy something for our major subject. Too lazy to change my attire, I flaunted with my course uniform on the heavy thoroughfares of the city. That included the pencil skirt, killer heels, and stockings. Walking in uncomfortable shoes was my constant struggle but I acted like nothing was hurting. We traveled from one stairs to another and finally decided that taking the escalator would be better. 

After finishing a cone of free ice cream on the food court, we made our way out and looked for escalators. We found one, going down. Just as I was about to step on it, I saw the facade of the open space below, trying to swallow me whole. I literally passed out and my nerves could not put me on that escalator. I saw my two companions waving at me while the escalator transported them below. They were laughing but I could see myself fighting for that sudden fear of escalators. A man who obviously looked older than me tried to assist me like I am an elderly and said, "Dali day. Kuyog ta. Ayaw kahadlok." (Come with me. Don't be afraid.). Harhar! NO WAY! ahhhh...soooo!! I looked and sounded like I am from a jungle where escalators do not exist. I looked and sounded like an ignorant lass who would finally, for the first time in her life, step on an escalator. Like oh my goodness! I can't believe I did that. 

I made a second attempt to step on the escalator.  Two salesladies started to observe me. I could even hear them talk. "Di s'ya kabalo?" (She does not know how to ride on an escalator?)

"First time dagway niya." (Maybe it's her first time.)

Huhuhu. I checked on my intact heels and started for the rail and then the first comb plate. Come what may. I can't afford to make another scene. In no time, I was already on the second floor, joining my two other friends who almost died laughing. I couldn't help myself but laugh, too, with that queer behavior of mine. Though I know those people did not recognize me, I still came to think that I would never stroll downtown in killer heels again. Hmmmppp... :/


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