Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Did it AGAIN

Do you have to be reminded over and over again about that laziness of yours? Do you have to be embarrassed every time so that you will realize that you have to change something from your attitude? Do you have to run from here to there just so you will come to your senses? Do you have to be reprimanded every morning so that you will make things faster?

Yes. I really think you have to hear sermons everyday regarding that stupid procrastination and slow-poke attitude of yours. You seem to have changed nothing. You tried it once but it failed. Now, everything is falling into their right places. This stupidity is finally slowly eating you up.

Late #1

Imagine how thick-faced you were upon entering into your Biology class this morning. I know you woke up early and reviewed your notes for what seemed to be an exam in your History class but then you realized that it was too early for a bath so you tarried in one of the corners and waited for your mother to scold you.

Well, in no time, you were done with everything when the rain dropped like there's no tomorrow. You asked your mother to accompany you to the highway under that gray umbrella you hated to bring. She agreed. You expected for her to keep quiet but she did not, as what mothers always do. She kept on reminding you about the time. You were used to it, though, so there was no problem to that, most especially on the part where she finally kept her silence. But when you saw that bus pass with an interval of just a few seconds, she started talking again.

After missing the bus, you waited patiently for the next bus to arrive, fifteen minutes later. You refused all the jeepneys that offered you a ride because you knew that they are also slow-pokes just like yourself. Upon seeing an incoming bus, you waved your right hand for a ride but the driver did not seem to give a brake. You thought that what happened yesterday might repeat, wherein the bus, although not full, did not stop at your wave. Good thing the heavens pitied you and made the bus stop.

To make the very long narration short, you arrived at your Biology class thirty minutes after the time. Your classmates were already soaked with alien words and incomprehensible jargon when you opened the door. No harm done. Though panting, you were still relieved to discover that your teacher did not check the attendance. *lol*

Late #2

If your first late happened early this morning, your second late happened early this afternoon. You know that your teacher in Field Study called for a meeting. The purpose was to organize the class and elect officers. Your were very aware of the time, I know, because you have with you your wrist watch. I don't know what went into your head when you decided to go fifteen minutes after the time. Even after your friend texted you to go to the CED building, you still did not heed yet continued to do what you were doing in the office.

Just like what happened earlier today, you arrived at the classroom thirty minutes after the time. You entered, thinking that the teacher was still discussing about the meeting. Albeit late, you managed to creep into the room. But with her four eyes, she detected your entrance and said, "The meeting is over. You just come back Friday for the FS can go to your next class."

At first, you did not understand what she meant by those statements but when the students looked at you in surprise, you got what they mean. You were already intruding their class discussion and you were not welcome anymore for being late. You hurried outside and walked back to the office, trying to control the mixture of humor and embarrassment rushing through your veins.

So, are you going to do these things again? Perhaps yes. I know that you have been late for the nth time already and you won't miss a week going to your class or any agreement for that matter without being late. I bet you, you'll have more of that soon. *lol* Keep it up!

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