Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who is Who?

On the first issue of our paper, I wrote a column about teachers, requesting those stingy and too unfriendly ones to minimize their being so bossy. I even posted a copy of it here on blogger. Now, the whole campus is buzzing on who that mysterious teacher whom I made as an example. I gave descriptions of how she looked and how she handles her class, well, her identity as a female has already been exposed. But I made modifications at the end, made my English indirect to the point, and altered a little of this and that so that no one could trace the person behind the text. 

After my Literature class this morning, I proceeded to the English Department to get the papers my teacher asked me to check. There, I found three female English teachers and one male teacher who was attending to a visitor. One of the teachers, who was also my English teacher before, asked me straight. "Ako to imung gipasabtan sa imung column day?" (Was it I whom you were referring to in your column?) I was shocked to hear it from her. But her smiling face met my eyes and I thought she asked it without malice. I smiled back and said, "No ma'am."

She introduced me to another teacher across the room who said, "Nah. Dili jud to ako kay wala man na sya na under nako."

I gave another smile and finally went out of the department. On my way to the canteen, I thought of not telling anyone at all about this secret. Only one person knows about her real identity and I know I can trust that gal. As of the moment, the question remains. "WHO IS WHO?"


  1. haha.. kabalo jud ko kinsa jud.. kabalo pud ako seatmate.. haha :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. HAHA Basin ako toh? joke!! I THINK i KNOW WHO SHE WAS....LOADING....

  4. hmmmmmpphhh....kinsa man bih? haha.. :)


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