Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 8

My thoughts and my hands were a little cranky these past few days. Reading and writing seemed to have been banned in own little world. But now that blogger is back and my creative juices are spewing orange pulps all over the place, I might as well spill it all.

Thursday the 12th. That was five days ago. I just hated the fact that I was one of the representatives of our class for the Declamation Contest in the Mini-theater of our college. I know I suck because during the try-out, I forgot a paragraph of my piece. There was a lot of ad lib and that was a big deal. 

I wasn't prepared yet with my delivery and the contest was only hours away. We still have to finish working on the backdrop and do the letter cuttings which I made all by myself. Everyone was saying they can't do it. Hay! 

Come what may. That was what I placed in my head. But my greatest plea was that I will never forget a line of my piece. Alas! God seemed not to hear my prayer. After I recited the first paragraph successfully, the words which I have been reading in my head became blurry. Oh God! I can't afford to stammer in front of these people. Not now. That was where my ad lib abilities came out. Good thing I was still able to connect the thought and returned on track. From time to time, I missed a word or a sentence but I never showed my mistake. What I did was own the stage and walk from here to there. There were pauses but there were also valid emotions attached to it. Perhaps, that was the reason why, though I thought I was such a crazy woman shouting and crying in front of a crowd, I got the second place. (hehe)

First time to join a Declamation Contest after being deprived by my elementary teacher to perform and after all doors of opportunities closed when I was in high school. It wasn't that bad for a first timer. Thank you Lord.

Friday the 13th. That was four days ago. This day is always associated with negativism by many for they think that Friday the 13th is "demalas" (unlucky). More likely, it was based on some lame Chinese beliefs that enormously blinded and gave a great influence on present-day Filipinos. But my God, who is more humongous than any other beliefs, proved that Friday the 13th is never a day of "demalas." 

'Twas the day of my final examination in History 141. The teacher in the name of Dr. Ma. Ferry C. Valencia, who was such a spoon-feeder and well-loved by her students, gave us the pointers two days ago before the examination. But a procrastinator as I was, just like the rest of my Education gang, I studied the night before. I never prayed for a perfect score. What I told God was for me to have guidance from Him. And focus, too.

The result was final. I got a perfect score! Not to brag, but the examination was easy. The teacher was amused with my performance, including those students who had the same fate as mine. 

I miss the class and my crushes. (haha) History 141 was quite enjoyable. And I honestly learned a lot from it.

Tuesday the 17th. That is today. The day for our final demonstration in Developmental Reading 1. My long kept uniform has finally went out of the closet. Say hi to the world. It went well, thank God. There were more commendations than points to improve, but I will give more importance to that one thing that comprised my "to be improved" box -- discuss the story further. Okay! :)

Summer classes isn't that bad, I finally decided. 


  1. RyanAdikNgaLambayMay 17, 2011 at 1:48 PM

    Ahay ui. Suhiran kaayo ug mga gadgets. Duhh

  2. :P like i care...haha


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