Friday, May 6, 2011

Something from a crumpled paper

I was lying in bed with my head hanging on the edge. As I glanced on the floor, I saw a crumpled paper. I picked it up and seeing that it had a familiar penmanship, I read its contents. I realized I wrote it myself long time ago, when I was dreamy and a bit younger. It said:

"I have so many plans in life but I believe I cannot accomplish everything especially those which require big time aspects and reliabilities. Well, my dream job is to become a teacher and handle classes in elementary where all the pupils are brilliant and smart. I am also dreaming of becoming a novelist and turning to fame like J.K. Rowling, Sidney Sheldon, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, and John Grisham who authored books that did not only astound readers around the world but also had the bestselling novels and top grossing films. I dreamed of establishing a school where I could conduct it my way. I even had a funny ambition of becoming an actress and be discovered because of anything within me that is unique from all others. Most of all, I dreamed of having a family of my own and have a husband, the man of my dreams who could answer the confusions that cover my emotions right now. I want my family to be there, to be where I am when I accomplish some of my wildest imaginations in life.

This was a product of boredom during one of those days which I haven't thought of anything but write.

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