Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dumbfounded Me

"Okay Catanus, Ozoa,  and Trasmil. You will..."

I can't believe she uttered my surname. As I looked at her face, my memories brought me to the time when I got humiliated in front of my 11 classmates in our Developmental Reading I class when I delivered my piece. I forgot several lines and I had to invent phrases that might somehow rescue me from my mental block. It did not prevail, however, for I was too consumed by my nervousness. Minutes later, I was stuttering in front and though our teacher did not give any negative comments, I know I could've done better.

I am so cute when dumbfounded...haha
My dream of becoming an orator, or a pompous speaker, or a declamer ended when I realized I did not have that talent. I was grade six that time. I know my sisters can deliver public speaking better than I do, hailed as the best orator and best declamer in their school, respectively. I know I am just good in writing. 

A day before our teacher said that she will announce the participants for the Declamation contest, my friend asked me, "Do you want to be chosen?" My big NO came out. "I'd better write the whole day than murmur in front of a crowd like an inane virago."

Minutes before she gave the final list of participants, I was confident that I will not be chosen because I know how poor my performance was. But when...

"Okay Catanus, Ozoa, and Trasmil. You will be the representative of this section for the Declamation contest on Thursday in the mini-theater. There will be ten of you. I will invite some judges, especially President Sojor himself. I hope he's not busy that time. I will also ask VP Dinopol if she has time..."

The rest was a blur. My eyes were watery as I heard my classmates taunt the three of us especially me. Why in the world is this happening to me? Why? Is this a punishment for not coming to school early? I can't believe I'll be doing this. 

Deep breath. Very deep breath. I still couldn't imagine myself screaming, crying, and walking like a fool in front of a humongous crowd, but I'll try. So help me God! Maluoy!


  1. CHARUT! Good luck ling! hehe..

    watch jud nya ko ana.. i-boooo tka.. aw?? hehe.. i-woooo diay! hehe :)

  2. ayaw na ting..naulaw na ko daan..haha


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